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Catalyst Planning and Development has helped design, fund, and implement projects that improve the quality of life for people living and working in our client communities. 

Grant Writing & Project Implementation
  • commercial rehabilitation programs

  • housing rehabilitation programs

  • site-specific housing redevelopment or rehabilitation projects

  • architectural-barrier removal projects

  • senior centers

  • neighborhood infrastructure improvement projects

  • social service programs

Affordable Housing Services

• Affordable Housing Plans 

• Affordable Housing Support Services  

• Program and Policy Assessments 

• Affordable Housing Development

Community Development Planning
  • Housing Needs Assessments

  • ADA Transition Plans

  • Slum & Blight inventories

  • HUD Consolidated Plans

  • Neighborhood Revitalization Plans

  • Community Preservation Plans

Housing Rehabilitation & Development

Full array of housing rehabilitation services, from program development to outreach and marketing to case processing and underwriting to technical rehabilitation specialist services.

Economic Development
  • downtown planning and redevelopment strategies

  • market studies

  • business inventories and surveys

  • identification of growth opportunities

  • zoning

  • program evaluation

Technical Assistance & Training

On several occasions we have been invited by federal and state agencies to work with cities and towns to address and resolve findings of noncompliance related to Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) and other program activities. We develop plans and procedures to correct issues and problems and train local staff to avoid them in the future. As a result, our clients are often allowed to re-access much needed funding.

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